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Live Intelligence for Incident Management 

SOS Live is an enterprise-grade, edge cloud solution that connects and automates mission-critical equipment to provide rapid, real-time situational awareness to first responders.

Key Components

Our virtual command platform integrates, and networks UAVs, cameras, sensors, and mobile devices for remote autonomous control and live data ingestion. An AI-based application preemptively detects threats and equips emergency responders with mission-critical information for rapid decision making, a narrowed response gap, and precision in response.

Autonomous UAS

Next-gen UAS that can fly a fleet of partner drones to and from the incident without human input.

Artificial Intelligence

Process multivariate dimensions of data and unlock full value in your response to critical situations.

Live Steaming

Integrate hardware and apps for real-time fusion to gain multiple views and data sets of incident scenes.

Data Analysis

Perform investigative data analysis, and make connections to overcome limitations for mission success.

About SOS

We are on a mission to provide public safety agencies around the world with the latest innovative solutions for their situational awareness, rapid response, and live intelligence needs. Using best in class technology & advanced data analytics, we provide adaptive solutions that enable dramatic returns on investment through continuous improvements to our customers’ operations. We are dedicated to providing the utmost in customer satisfaction, integrity, reliability, and responsibility to our customers, the environment, and society. We do this with employees that continuously learn, innovate, and are customer focused. 

How can SOS help?

Our Intelligent Unmanned Aerial System reduces the complexity and resources required to operate UAVs during emergencies by automating flight. Create a customized command system, scalable in real-time, to integrate additional video devices, sensors, and tracking services. Capture HD, 4K, and thermal imagery plus detect hazards through gas and atmospheric sensors for unparalleled live intelligence.

“Finally, a push-button, set and forget system that we don’t have to fly manually all the time. SOS gives incident commanders a lot more integrated information to work with.”

Don Stasiowski, CMFD

Lower Costs

Live intelligence facilitates a precise incident response and results in efficient personnel and resource usage.

Better Ops

Real-time situational awareness increases first responder safety and leads to better decision making.

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